The Tifa Chocolate & Gelato Opportunity

Gelato has a rich history, rich taste and is healthier than
ice cream.


The Sweet Rewards of the Frozen Dessert Industry

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Gelato Flavors
with an American Twist

Today, there are worldwide competitions among the top gelato artisans, and the prestige afforded those among the top ranked places is immense. It can all be very intimidating, especially for people in the United States who are far less familiar with gelato and what it entails. At Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, we wanted to make gelato accessible to everyone, and particularly to Americans.

That’s why we’ve created our gelato flavors with an American twist, and why we’ve designed each Tifa Chocolate & Gelato location to be as warm and inviting as the kitchen of a beloved grandmother or aunt—we want our frozen dessert franchise shops to be places of welcome and comfort.

Tifa Chocolate & Gelato is everything a dessert shop should be: fun, homey, and full of laughter and togetherness.

The American Style of Gelato

The first thing you need to know is that gelato is not ice cream. It’s more like ice cream’s healthier cousin.

Gelato Offers:
Fewer calories
Less sugar
Lower fat

Than its custard or ice cream relatives, while still delivering on flavor. In fact, because gelato is served at a warmer temperature, it doesn’t numb the taste buds quite as much, so its flavor packs more punch, not less.

Gelato is also denser, having less air and fewer ice crystals, so it is creamier with a texture that goes hand-in-hand with being served warmer.

What does this have to do with Americans? Well, Americans are becoming more health conscious than ever, thanks to rising obesity rates, according to the CDC, early 42% of American adults have reached obesity status, which has many people seeking healthier alternatives to their favorite foods. Including substituting gelato for ice cream.

At Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, we’ve also taken into account that flavor profiles that work in European gelato shops may not work in the US. So we’ve created over 100 recipes that cater more to American palates.

We call it Americana gelato, or gelato with an American twist. Some of our classics include:

Vanilla Bean

Dark Chocolate
Salted Caramel
Cookies & Cream
Mint Chip

Many of our favorites are also released on a seasonal basis, and include:

Pumpkin Pie

Sweet Potato Rum Raisin
Whiskey Apple

Cookie Monster

Buttermilk Pancake with Maple and Smoked Sea Salt

Americans Love Frozen Desserts

In America, we consume around 22 pounds of ice cream and other frozen desserts every year.

July is National Ice Cream Month, declared so by President Ronald Regan in 1984 because 90% of Americans love ice cream.

The declaration also made the 3rd Sunday of July National Ice Cream Day every year.

9% of cow’s milk in America is used to make ice cream. That’s a lot of milk!
Caterina de’ Medici introduced gelato to the people of France in 1553.
73% of Americans have ice cream at least once per week, and 2 out of 3 of those have their frozen dessert in the evening.

The Tifa Chocolate & Gelato Opportunity

The concept of franchising is not new to Tifa Chocolate & Gelato. We’ve been offering franchise locations for a few years now, and have locations in California, Arizona, and North Carolina. Our commitment to expansion has led to a redesign, which perfected our franchise model to provide our franchisees with greater support and opportunity.

Our commitment to expansion has led to a redesign, which perfected our franchise model to provide our franchisees with greater support and opportunity.

With these expansion plans, we now have our sights set on opening new locations in 34 states around the country! This opens the doors for many potential investors who don’t have to wait until Tifa Chocolate & Gelato is ready to expand close to them. We’re already there!

Qualified investors can expect an initial investment estimate range between $318,200 and $509,400. This includes the $47,500 franchise fee.

Our happiest franchisees have found their stride in providing exceptional customer service in a place where their patrons can relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family. They’ve built a strong sense of community in their neighborhoods, have developed relationships with repeat customers, and have become a part of the fabric of their area’s sense of identity.

These franchisees are frequently:

Professionals who’ve changed careers mid-stream from a corporate mindset to one of community building

Dual-income households where one person has transitioned into a career where they’re more in charge of their future than they were with their former employer
Foodie-minded individuals interested in a passion career around our niche of gelato and chocolate

Franchisees interested in the frozen dessert industry who have no retail experience

Experienced investors interested in a low-risk area development using our signature hub-and-spoke special use development package

Our franchisees have found great satisfaction in joining a business
model centered around becoming the best part of their customers’ day.

Start Your Journey with Tifa Chocolate & Gelato

Tifa Chocolate & Gelato is a feel-good business, where we provide customers with comfort-food desserts in a joyful space with good vibes. We are a lifestyle brand where it’s possible to love what you do while still making a profit.

If this sounds like a sweet opportunity, download our industry outlook to learn more about the frozen dessert industry! We can’t wait to hear from you to get started on your journey to become the next Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchisee!