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We receive a number of common questions that may help you determine more about the Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchise program.


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How much experience does a Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchise owner need?

Some of our early franchisees began without any retail experience whatsoever. We’re interested in owner/operators with a gift for networking and an entrepreneurial passion who are looking to invest in a community as much as a career. Previous retail know-how is an added benefit.

How much will investing in a Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchise cost?
Each Tifa Chocolate & Gelato location has unique factors that will impact its overall cost to bring it to life. The estimates range between $318,200 and $509,400. This includes the franchise fee of $47,500.
What is the franchising agreement’s term?
The initial franchise agreement is for a term of 10 years. Renewal terms are decided by multiple factors and vary in length. Area development terms depend on the number of franchise locations considered for opening.
Are there ongoing fees to pay?

In order to secure the future of the Tifa Chocolate & Gelato brand, grow our reach, and create compelling marketing strategies that benefit each location, we must include royalty, and marketing and technology fees as part of our franchise program. The royalty fee is 6% of gross revenue, and the marketing and technology fee is 1% of gross revenue. These enable us to continue developing Tifa Chocolate & Gelato into a well-known brand and maintain our high standards of confectionary excellence.

What comes with the Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchise program?
Tifa Chocolate & Gelato franchisees become part of our extended family once they sign the franchising agreement. As such, we support them as much as possible. This includes extensive training that encompasses how to make the gelato, sorbetto, and all other recipes within the Tifa repertoire. We are with franchisees through site selection to grand opening and beyond, including marketing initiatives and track-to-profit calls for 1 year following opening. Everything we can do to help our franchisees thrive is part of our franchising program from the very
Do you provide financing help for franchisees?
We are not in the position to provide financing assistance to our franchisees at this time. However, we can provide the names of financial institutions that have done business with some of our past franchisees upon request.
How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the form on this page to download our industry outlook! In it, you’ll find informative details about Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, our future in the frozen dessert industry, and how you can become a part of this exciting investment. Someone from our franchise development team will be in touch with you very soon after we receive your contact information!