It didn’t take long for Tifa to captivate the sweet tooth of customers all around Southern California with our delicious sweets, cozy atmosphere and top-notch customer service. A big part of our success stems from not chasing the latest fads and sticking to what we know best—creating irresistible, hand-crafted desserts with the freshest ingredients, while ensuring every customer visit is a memorable one that leaves them wanting to come back for more and bring family and friends.

Along the way, Tifa has attracted interested franchisees from all over the country who are looking to bring Tifa to their own communities. Becoming a franchisee doesn’t just mean running your very own successful dessert café, it also means joining the Tifa family. And as family, we’ll provide you with immense support and guidance from initial startup to store opening. Our top priority is making sure you’re set up for lasting success! 

At Tifa, we’re quite proud of the fact that we’re not just another one-size-fits-all dessert franchise. All of our locations have their own unique personalities to perfectly reflect what the local community is all about. From the art on the walls to the tables and chairs, each item is carefully selected to ensure that no two Tifas are the same.

One of the most rewarding things about being in this business is that we’re contributing to the best part of everyone’s day. Whether it’s a first date, a birthday celebration, a marriage proposal (yes, we’ve had it happen), celebrating getting an “A” on a test or finally getting that promotion at work, we’re right there with them making it even more special. Even when someone has had a bad day, we’re there to help them turn it around.

So, if you’re craving an exciting lifestyle change, are passionate about brightening people’s days and have a strong work ethic to go along with great communication skills, then we personally invite you to consider joining the Tifa family as we look to continue expanding across several key markets.

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