I’m interested in becoming a Tifa franchisee. What’s the first step?
Please complete and submit this franchisee questionnaire* and management will get back to you in 7-10 business days.

After I fill out the questionnaire, what are the next steps?
Finding the perfect Tifa franchisee candidate doesn’t happen overnight. Below is the seven-step process before owning your own Tifa franchise:

  1. One-on-one initial meeting with Tifa’s Director of Franchise Development, Shawn Orr 
  2. Complete and turn in a Request for Consideration (RFC) letter
  3. Family meeting that gives Tifa owners the chance to get to know you and your family on a more personal level, and vice versa
  4. Start-up workshop to go over costs, expectations and more
  5. After reviewing legal documents, you can have all of your questions answered in detail if needed
  6. Discovery Day: You are invited to spend the day with Tifa! See what a typical day at Tifa is like by shadowing Shawn and his sister Candace Orr, our head gelato and pastry chef
  7. Signing day! To celebrate you becoming a Tifa franchisee, you’ll be treated to a special chocolate surprise

What’s the financial profile of a successful Tifa franchisee?
Potential franchisees should have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets, but ideally, assets should range between $300,000 to $500,000+.

How much of a return on investment can I expect as a Tifa franchisee?
Tifa provides several key strategies in order to maximize profit. Ultimately, the more you’re involved in operations and the more passion you show for what you’re making and the experience you are creating, the higher the ceiling is for financial growth.  

What kind of franchisee is Tifa looking for?
The perfect Tifa franchisee is someone with an open heart and mind who is willing to learn, work hard, be heavily involved in day-to-day operations, manage and mentor employees and has a passion for putting smiles on customers’ faces.

Can I use my own recipes and menu ideas?
Franchisees may sell only products created and approved by Tifa Foods International. However, we provide seasonal menu options to allow franchisees the opportunity to tailor to their individual community needs.

How long is the approval process?
Initial qualification involves a series of checks and interviews and generally takes up to 2 months. Because our philosophy is that a Tifa franchise is a responsible legacy investment, we allow substantial time to minimize risk and maximize reward. After that, identifying and securing a location for approved franchisees can take 3 to 9 months depending on a variety of factors.

How will I build my store?
Franchisees are responsible for the construction of their Tifa store. However, Tifa provides a wealth of resources, training and support to assist you. This includes lessons learned from 13+ years in business, help with the look & feel of your location, recipes, best location research, advertising/marketing, core values, customer philosophy, hiring and managing the right employees and more.

What do I pay in royalties once my store is up and running?
Tifa receives 6% of gross revenue in royalties and 1% of marketing and technology from its franchise owners.

When am I expected to have my store open?
Tifa dessert cafes are open 7 days per week, 365 days per year, except major holidays and up to 3 additional religious days (optional).

* – We are currently accepting franchise applications.  For locations outside of California, we will evaluate your application and let you know whether or not we’re ready to launch in your particular state. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only.