Since 2017, brothers Justin and Michael have proudly served classic gelato with an American twist to residents in and around the Camarillo area, along with delectable, artisanal chocolates, pastries, and more. The pair, looking to explore their entrepreneurial dreams, were urged on by their mother, Susan, who supported them in an accounting/financial capacity.

Justin came into Tifa with a strong industry background spanning a decade of work experience, while Michael jumped in while completing his business degree at California Lutheran University. Justin used his skillset to helm the marketing side of the business, and Michael took the reins on managing the production side, although both brothers remain involved in every aspect of operations.

Their drive to open a Tifa location in Camarillo sprang from aspirations to work in a creative field that would be both challenging and rewarding. Their core values of hard work, determination, honesty, and kindness were perfectly suited to a business based not only on providing mouthwatering treats but creating a welcoming atmosphere where every guest felt like family.

For Justin and Michael, family is, and always has been, a driving force. This is why the brothers decided to go into business together, and why they chose Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, a family-owned business that represents their values and goals. More than anything, they wanted to bring that sense of acceptance and belonging to the community they love, with a shop that offers not only inventive and delectable sweets but an atmosphere that practically envelopes you in a warm embrace.

They also wanted to make sure that they were able to extend their own good fortune to those in need within their community, which is why they’re committed to donating to local charities through their business. Tifa Chocolate & Gelato is about more than family, it’s about community, and Justin and Michael invite everyone to visit and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and the joy that comes from sharing truly exceptional chocolate.